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Whats New at POSS?

It’s my pleasure to introduce the latest addition to the POSS Separator lineup – the Protein Maximizer / ProMax Series. Completely redesigned, from the drive through to the newly designed flow through restrictor with the outboard bearing carrier, the ProMax series provides unparalleled performance across the full spectrum of measures – yield, temperature rise, and through-put – all with the lowest possible bone/calcium in the premium coarse ground meat recovered from the POSS Screen Plate head. To achieve consistently high yields requires a heavy duty, rigid machine which can take a very high sustained thrust load through the screw and into the thrust bearing assembly. The uniquely redesigned POSS flow-through hydraulic Auto Restrictor works together with a single reduction, thrust capable Zambello gearbox designed with a 4:1 service factor, for years of reliable service and the highest yields in the industry. The newly designed POSS Powerfeed Hopper, the extended spiral barrel compression zone, the breakthrough POSS Screen Plate Carrier Assembly, and a host of other new features combine to ensure POSS maintains its position as the World Leader in Quality Separation Solutions since 1978.

– Ken B. Gulak

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